出品公司: CAMBIA
载体名称: pCAMBIA5105
质粒类型: 植物载体;农杆菌双元表达载体
高拷贝/低拷贝: 高拷贝
克隆方法: 限制性内切酶,多克隆位点
启动子: lac
载体大小: 49757 bp
5' 测序引物及序列: M13 Reverse:CAGGAAACAGCTATGAC
载体标签: --
载体抗性: 卡那霉素、氨基糖苷类抗生素
筛选标记: Neomycin、GUS
克隆菌株: HB101等菌株
宿主细胞(系): 植物细胞、农杆菌
备注: --
产品目录号: --
稳定性: 稳表达
组成型/诱导型: 诱导型
病毒/非病毒: 非病毒





LOCUS       pCAMBIA5105            49757 bp ds-DNA     circular SYN 25-JUL-2016
DEFINITION  Plant vector containing vir operons from pTiBo542, compatible with a
            range of non-Agrobacterium bacteria.
SOURCE      synthetic DNA construct
  ORGANISM  synthetic DNA construct
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 49757)
  AUTHORS   Cambia
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Exported Monday, July 25, 2016 from SnapGene Viewer 3.1.4 to Vector 
            NTI(R) format
COMMENT     The GenBank record was corrected by adding a C at position 41,557.
COMMENT     VNTDATE|425520000|
COMMENT     VNTDBDATE|776304000|
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     CDS             262..699
     CDS             2014..4503
                     /note="sensory component of two-component signal 
                     transduction system"
     CDS             7828..8571
     CDS             10048..10767
                     /note="T-DNA transfer"
     CDS             10782..11147
                     /note="pilin protein precursor"
     CDS             11147..11473
                     /note="T-DNA transfer"
     CDS             11473..13842
                     /note="integral inner membrane ATPase"
     CDS             13857..14519
                     /note="T-DNA transfer"
     CDS             14616..15503
                     /note="T-DNA transfer"
     CDS             15537..15704
                     /note="T-DNA transfer"
     CDS             15691..16404
                     /note="T-DNA transfer"
     CDS             16401..17282
                     /note="T-DNA transfer"
     CDS             17279..18412
                     /note="T-DNA transfer"
     CDS             18452..19483
                     /note="T-DNA transfer"
     CDS             19615..20418
                     /note="response regulator of virA/virG two component 
                     transduction system"
     CDS             complement(20529..21137)
     CDS             complement(21140..21835)
     CDS             22104..22547
                     /note="cleavage accessory protein"
     CDS             22581..23855
     CDS             23875..24513
     CDS             24510..26468
                     /note="coupling protein"
     CDS             26569..29079
     CDS             29529..29726
                     /note="chaperone for VirE2"
     CDS             29731..31380
                     /note="single-stranded DNA binding protein"
     CDS             31447..33465
     promoter        complement(35260..35278)
                     /label=T7 promoter
                     /note="promoter for bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase"
     primer_bind     complement(35285..35301)
                     /label=M13 fwd
                     /note="common sequencing primer, one of multiple similar 
     rep_origin      35442..35822
                     /label=M13 ori
                     /note="M13 bacteriophage origin of replication; arrow 
                     indicates direction of (+) strand synthesis"
     CDS             36190..36984
                     /gene="aph(3')-II (or nptII)"
                     /product="aminoglycoside phosphotransferase from Tn5"
                     /note="confers resistance to neomycin, kanamycin, and G418 
     CDS             37935..38726
                     /product="aminoglycoside adenylyltransferase"
                     /note="confers resistance to spectinomycin and 
     rep_origin      38970..39558
                     /note="high-copy-number ColE1/pMB1/pBR322/pUC origin of 
     misc_feature    39744..39884
                     /note="basis of mobility region from pBR322"
     rep_origin      40228..40422
                     /label=pVS1 oriV
                     /note="origin of replication for the Pseudomonas plasmid 
                     pVS1 (Heeb et al., 2000)"
     CDS             complement(40488..41561)
                     /product="replication protein from Pseudomonas plasmid 
                     /label=pVS1 RepA
     CDS             complement(41990..42619)
                     /product="stability protein from Pseudomonas plasmid pVS1"
                     /label=pVS1 StaA
     misc_feature    43919..43943
                     /label=RB T-DNA repeat
                     /note="right border repeat from nopaline C58 T-DNA"
     terminator      43965..44217
                     /label=NOS terminator
                     /note="nopaline synthase terminator and poly(A) signal"
     CDS             complement(44249..44266)
                     /product="6xHis affinity tag"
     CDS             complement(join(44273..46090,46281..46295))
                     /note="codon-optimized Staphylococcus gusA gene with a 
                     catalase intron to ensure expression in plants but not 
     intron          46091..46280
                     /label=cat1 intron
                     /note="castor bean catalase intron, modified"
     promoter        complement(46312..46657)
                     /label=35S promoter
                     /note="strong constitutive promoter from cauliflower mosaic
     CDS             complement(46891..47130)
                     /gene="lacZ fragment"
                     /product="LacZ-alpha fragment of beta-galactosidase"
     primer_bind     47034..47050
                     /label=M13 fwd
                     /note="common sequencing primer, one of multiple similar 
     primer_bind     complement(47126..47142)
                     /label=M13 rev
                     /note="common sequencing primer, one of multiple similar 
     protein_bind    47150..47166
                     /label=lac operator
                     /bound_moiety="lac repressor encoded by lacI"
                     /note="The lac repressor binds to the lac operator to 
                     inhibit transcription in E. coli. This inhibition can be 
                     relieved by adding lactose or 
                     isopropyl-beta-D-thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG)."
     promoter        complement(47174..47204)
                     /label=lac promoter
                     /note="promoter for the E. coli lac operon"
     promoter        47431..48108
                     /label=35S promoter (enhanced)
                     /note="cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter with a 
                     duplicated enhancer region"
     CDS             48176..49201
                     /product="hygromycin B phosphotransferase"
                     /note="confers resistance to hygromycin"
     polyA_signal    49241..49415
                     /label=CaMV poly(A) signal
                     /note="cauliflower mosaic virus polyadenylation signal"
     misc_feature    49493..49517
                     /label=LB T-DNA repeat
                     /note="left border repeat from nopaline C58 T-DNA"
        1 taatctacct gtgacactaa gatgatcgaa gccactttcg ctcaggagtt atcacgttaa
       61 ggcgcaactc ataaaaatgc gtcaccgatt acttgatgcg cacgcttact atatctcaaa
      121 tcaaatgtcg aacctcggtt gaagcccatt gtctacgtcg cgtatatctc ccgtattttg
      181 cttttgctgc cgaccgatac cgctgcggtt caatagttgc ggaatgtggt gctttcggat
      241 tcactcaaaa aggagtcgct tatgaaacgt atcagtacaa tccttgtcgg cgtatttttg
      301 gctgcgccgg tttatgcagc cgacaatatt catacattag ggacgttgtc tgaaattgaa
      361 ctagcgctca ctgccggaaa gccggtgaac gtcacggttg atttaagttt gtgtgctccc
      421 ggggtggccg atactccggc gacgaaaacg caaggaggca tgcgcataga tgcgtatcga
      481 ataacaactg acggcaccct tgcgtttgca gatcagcact tcaccattga ccgtgacggt
      541 aaacccataa ctcaatttat tcgttatcag attcggtcaa acggtgacgc cgatttcacg
      601 atggttacat tcaacatgcc aacatatgag cgaaaaggta ccagcttggc ctacaagtgc
      661 gcgatcgacc acgggttgag ttttcgtact ccacagtgat ttttgcgtcc aatctgatcc
      721 gatgcaagcc caaggtgacg cttgcaatta cccacatttg agcgtcgctg ccatttcggt
      781 tctgaggcga atatctgtca gccggctgag tccacgccag acgaccgtat ttcccggagg
      841 aggatctgaa gttctagcaa ggttgccacc caaacgagcg agtttggtga gatagaagtt
      901 tagcgattcg caacgaagca cgaccgcaga accacttact tcgaaggctt cgtatatatc
      961 gttcctgcag tgatctggct gcgatgaatg tcgattcgtc ctggtggtag catcagggat
     1021 agtcctacga cgaagcatag gatttaagtc atcacgtctg ttaaatgccg ccggcgctgg
     1081 ccacgcgaag acaaagagcg cctcgtcgct gcctgctttg agccgggcgc agttatctct
     1141 gagattgcct gcgcggacgg tatcaatgtc agtcagtcgg aagcatagcg atgtaataat
     1201 caagttgggt cgggaccgac gtgtccgcgt ggatagcaac atcgacacgg aagcacttgg
     1261 ccgtattctc gattgcgtgc tggggctgcg atgatcatgg tccctgctgg tgtgaaggtc
     1321 tggcaggcaa cgggctccac cgacatgcgc aaaggcttcc ccggtctgtc gttgatcttg
     1381 cagaaagcac tgatgcctga cccgaggtgt gggcactgtt cgtattatac ggtcgtggcg
     1441 gccaacgacc gacatactgc atacggatat cgtttcgcga cgatctccta cagccgtcaa
     1501 agctttcgag cgcaagcgcc catcacgcaa actcttcccg gttcatctgt cgcgtgagcg
     1561 tgtcgttatc gccaccccta cgaactgtgc ttgctgcgaa tccgccaaac tgtcatagct
     1621 tggcgaggat gttaccgaga cccttggaag tcatccgaga tttggcggcg gcaacctctg
     1681 caaaatgcgt tatgagcctg gtttttcagc cacagacaag tatcgcgttc gtgaaaaagc
     1741 gcacgcgcga tagttcttta gccgcacctc tgacgcccca tttacggccg gatctttgcc
     1801 tgaccttgca aagtcgactc catcgcctta cggcacgaat aacaacgtcg cgtttcatcg
     1861 acgtcccatc agccgcttgt gtgttcaatt cttctctgtt tcacttgaaa caaattgaat
     1921 agatattccc gctttcaaag ccatttacaa atcctctcgt gcagcctaac gccattggcg
     1981 tggaacaagc gttggcacga ggaagtaagt gcgatgaacg gaaggtattc accgacgcgg
     2041 caggatttta agacaggcgc gaagccttgg tctatattag cccttatcgt tgccgcaatg
     2101 attttcgcgt tcatggcggt tgcgtcctgg caggacaatg ggactaccca ggcaatcctt
     2161 agccaaatac gatcgattaa cgctgacagc gcctcactgc agcgcgatgt actccgcgct
     2221 cacacgggca ccgtggcgaa ctaccgcccc attatctcca ggctgggagc tctgcggaag
     2281 aatctggaag atttgaagca attatttagg caatctcata ttgtaagtga gagcaatgct
     2341 gctcaactgc tacgccggct agaagtgtct ctaaattcgg ctgacgcggc ggtcgccgcc
     2401 tttggtgcgc aaaatgtccg cctgcaagat tcgctggcca gtttcactcg tgctttaagc
     2461 aatcttccag gaaaggcctc aagcgatcag actttagaaa aaccaacaga attggctagc
     2521 atgatgctcc aatttcttcg gcaaccaagc ccggctattt cattcgagat cagccttgaa
     2581 ctagagaggc tccaaaaaca acgcggtctt gatgaagctc ccgtgcgcat actttcgcgt
     2641 gaaggtccca ttatcttatc gcttttgcca caggtgaacg atctggtgaa catgattcag
     2701 acgtctgaca ccgcagaaat tgcggaaatg ttgcagcgtg agtgtttgga ggtctatagc
     2761 ttgaaaaatg tggaggagcg gagcgcacgt atctttcttg ggtccgcttc agtgggtctt
     2821 tgcctgtaca tcatcacctt agtctatagg ctacgcaaaa aaaccgattg gttagcgcgg
     2881 cgtttagatt acgaagagct aatcaaagag atcggagtat gttttgaagg tgaggcggcc
     2941 actacgtcgt ccgcgcaagc tgcacttggt attattcagc gcttctttga tgccgatacg
     3001 tgcgcgttag ctctagtgga ccatgaccgt aggtgggctg tcgaaacatt cggtgcgaag
     3061 cacccaaaac ccgtgtggga cgacagggtg ctacgcgaaa tagtctctcg taccaaagcg
     3121 aacgaacggg cgacggtatt ccgcatcgta tcgacgcaaa aaatcgtaca tttgcctccc
     3181 gaaattccag gtctttcgat actactggct cacaaatcca cagataaact aattgcggtt
     3241 tgttcactgg gttaccaaag ctatcgccct cgaccttgcc aaggcgaaat tcagcttctt
     3301 gaactcgcca ccgcctgcct ctgtcactat atcgatgttc ggcgtaagca gaccgaatgc
     3361 gacgttttgg ccagacgatt ggagcatgcg caacgccttg aggcagttgg tacacttgcc
     3421 ggcggaatag cacatgaatt taataacatt ttggggtcaa tcctcgggca cgcagaattg
     3481 gcccaaaact cggtgtctcg aacatctgtc acccgaagat acattgacta tatcatttcg
     3541 tcaggcgaca gagccatgct cattatcgat cagatcttga cgctgagccg aaaacaagag
     3601 cgcgtgatca agccatttag tgtctcagag cttgtgaccg aaatcgctcc cttgctacgt
     3661 atggctcttc ccccaaccat cgagcttagt ttcagatttg atcaaatgca gagcgtgatc
     3721 gaaggaagcc cgcttgaact tcaacaggta ctaattaacc tctgcaagaa tgcttcccaa
     3781 gccatgactg caaatggtca aatcgacatc ttcgtcggcc aagcttattt accagctaag
     3841 aaaattctgg cgcatggtgt tatgccacct ggcgactatg ttctactatc tgtcagcgac
     3901 aatggtggag gcatttcaga ggctgtgcta ccctacattt ttgaaccctt ctttacgaca
     3961 cgtgctcgca acggtggaac gggtctcggc ctcgcttctg tgcatggtca tatcagcgcg
     4021 tttgcaggtt acatcgacgt tagttcaact gttgggcatg ggacgcgctt tgacatttat
     4081 ctccctccgt cttctaagga gcccgtcaat cccgacagct ttttcggccg caataaggca
     4141 ccgcgtggaa acggggagat tgtggcactt gttgagcccg atgacctcct gcgggaggcg
     4201 tatgaagaca agatcgccgc tctgggatat gagccggtcg gttttcgtac ctttagtgaa
     4261 attcgcgatt ggatttcaaa aggcaatgaa gccgatctgg tcatggtcga ccaagcgtct
     4321 cttcctgaag atcaaagtcc taattccgtg gatttagtgc tcaagaccgc ctccatcatc
     4381 attggcggaa atgatctcaa aatgcccctt tcaagggaga atgcgaccag ggacctttat
     4441 ctgccgaagc cgatatcgtc cagaactatg gcgcatgcaa tcctaaccaa aatcaagacg
     4501 tagagttgcg acgtatcagg actgggcaat cagatttcgg ttcggtggag cgcgacaggg
     4561 gaactacatg aaagatcgaa cggcataggt tcaatggatc aagccgggcg aggcggcttg
     4621 atttgtccga tcaggtccgg tcgtttggtt gaaaggattt gcgcaccaac tatgacacca
     4681 ccatcattgg tgccagcaga ttaaagtagg cctgaaccgg tgcggtcaaa aatcggggtg
     4741 gacgtcggct attgtacagg tcagattgct gccaaatgcc gacgcgggaa ttgggcacgg
     4801 tgtcgtaagc gtggacagag attacctcgt cgttgatcga acacgagagc catctgacga
     4861 acaccttatg ccgccaccca ttaacatcca ctgcgattct cgtcttcttc agcacgagca
     4921 tgaagtctca agaagtaaac ttcgagcgtt ggtcagccta taagatgagt tcgccagaaa
     4981 gggcaggcgt tcgcgcctcc ctcaatgcag aaggctactt ccattgtggt cggcaactgc
     5041 caggatggga actctcccga taatccaacc aacgacagcg cagtggtaaa gtaagcggca
     5101 agctgacccc atctggcgtc agtagcgcgg gctcagctat tgcgtaatga ctatccacca
     5161 gctgtgagct tctatgtctg cgcctatctc tggaactaga aactttcata tgatcgaggc
     5221 cgttccggaa cgtttcgagg gcgcgccgcg gcagtttcgg cggcgttggt ccgatgactt
     5281 caaggagcga gcggtggctg aggcaatgga gcctggagcg agtgtctcgg caattgcgcg
     5341 tcgcatcggc atacatccat cacaattatt cggctggcgt cgtgatgctc gcgccaggca
     5401 agggggctct tcggtgcctg cggctgtcga ggcgtgtttg gggccagttt gtgcgcgggc
     5461 ggtgatcgag gtggttatcg gcgacatgat tatccgggcg gggatggatg ccgatgaagc
     5521 acacctcagt cgcgtgatcc gagtggtgcg gtcggcatga tcccgtcgaa cgtaaaagtc
     5581 tttctggcga gccatccgat cgacttccgt aagggacctg acagcttgct atcactggtt
     5641 cgagatgctg gcagtgatcc gttcaacgga gctctttatg tcttccgggc gaaacgagca
     5701 gaccgtatca agatcgtatg gtgggatggc tccggcgttt gcctttacgc caagcggctg
     5761 gagaaagccc agttctgctg gccgcgcatc ggacatagcc gggtccagct caacaatgcc
     5821 cagcttctgg ctttggtgga tgggatggac tggaaacgcg ttcgatcaac acccatcaag
     5881 ccgccagaga ttgttgggta aaacccctgc ggcgaattga atcatgcacc tgaaactgcg
     5941 ggcggatcac agcaaaatat gctctgatca tacccatgac gcgacccgat atagagctcc
     6001 cggatgatgt agaggcactc aaggccatgg ttcttgccat ggccgaaaag gccgctcgtg
     6061 tcgaggcttt ggaaaagcag gtcgatgatc tcgaggcccg aagtgctgac gccgatgagc
     6121 gcatcgagcg gctgacacag atcctgaaag cttttgaccg cgcgcgcttc ggacggcgtt
     6181 cagagaaact tgcagcggcc agtgccgatg acgagcagca tgcttttgtc tttgaggaga
     6241 tcgagaccgg tattgcggcg atcagggcca aggttacgag tggcatcaac aaagatggca
     6301 aacgtccacc gaggccacgc aagggctttg cggcgcatct ggagcgtatc gaggtggtga
     6361 tcgagccgga agacttgccg gagcatgcgg gtaagaccaa aatcctgatc ggagaagaca
     6421 tatccgaacg cttggatgtc gttgcagcga agttccgtgt cattgtcacg cgccgtccca
     6481 aatacgcttt taagaacgaa gatggcgtga tccaggctgc ggccccgaca catatcattg
     6541 aggcgggtat cccaaccgaa gcgcttctgg cccagatcgc cgtctccaaa tatgccgatg
     6601 gcctcccact ctatcggcaa gaagcgatct acgcccgcga caaggtcgac cttgaccgca
     6661 ggctcatggc tcaatggatg ggaaagctgg ggttcgagct cgacatcctc gccgattata
     6721 tcctgaacga aatcaagaag gcggaacgaa tatttgccga cgagacgacc ctgccgacac
     6781 tggcgcctgg atccgggtcg gcgaaaaccg catggctatg ggcttatgcc agggatgacc
     6841 gaccgttcgg aggcaacagc cctccaatgg tggcctatcg cttcgaagac agtcgggcga
     6901 acgactgcgt ggcacggcac ctcagcggct atcgcgggat tctgcaggtt gacgggtacg
     6961 gggcctacag caagcttgtc cgcaaggacg gcggcaacga cggcgttatt ctggctggct
     7021 gctgggccca tagccgtcgc aagttctatg aattgcatgt cgcgaaaagc tccaaggtgg
     7081 caacagagac agtcgagcga atggcaacgc tctgggaaat agaagatacc gtccgcggcc
     7141 aaagccctga ggcgcgtgtc gctgcccgac aagaccgctc ggcggcgata gtccgggacc
     7201 tcttcactct ctggcagacg actttgccgc gagtatcagg caaatccaaa ctcgccgaag
     7261 ctctacggta ctcgatcaag cgtcgtgacg tcttcgaacg ctttctgacc gacggccgtg
     7321 tcgagctcga ctccaacatc gtcgagcgag cgatcagacc gcaggcgata acaagaaaaa
     7381 atagtctctt cgccggcagc gacggcggcg gcaagacatg ggcgacaatc gcgacacttt
     7441 tgcagactgc aaaaatgaat tctgtcgatc cccaggcctg gctgacgcag acgctcgagc
     7501 gccttgcaaa cggctggcct agcagcgaaa tccataccct tatgccgtgg agctacaagg
     7561 cctgaacggc ctcagcttgc cgcttacgtg gtaaacagag ccaccccatc aggaatatcg
     7621 cccattccgt catcagcgtg gtgacgtgca tcaggcgcgc ttgttgcaga actttaagtg
     7681 cttctttcga ttcgagatct cagcaaaagt tctccgcaaa ccttcaccgc gggcttacgt
     7741 gtcttttgta acaaattgcg acgcagttga tatccacttg aaacattagt ccgaaattat
     7801 cgagatctcc gctgataagg tatcgaaatg gcgataaaat tggtattgat actcgtattc
     7861 acactctttc ccgcggcaga cgctgcatat gcgaatgacc gcgccaacgg tttcatgtgg
     7921 tcaaacgggg gcgaaactgg agtgaggctt cctcttcggg tgttcaatgc caagccagcc
     7981 aagaacacgg tggcgatcat ttattccgga gacgctggat ggcaaaatat cgatgaggcg
     8041 attggtacct atctgcagac ggaagggatt cctgtcattg gcgtcagttc acttcggtat
     8101 ttctggtcgg agcggtcccc aagcgaaact gctaaggatc ttggtcacat aatcgatgtc
     8161 tacaccaagc atttcggtgt gcagaatgtt ttacttgtag gatattcttt cggcgcggac
     8221 gtcatgccgg caagcttcaa taggcttacg cttgagcaaa aaaatcgggt taagcaaatc
     8281 tctctcttgg cattgtcaca tcaagtcgac tatgtcgtct catttagggg ctggctccaa
     8341 ctcgaaacgg aaggtaaggg cggcaatcct ctggatgatc tcagatccat tgaccctgca
     8401 atcgtccaat gcatgtacgg gcgcgaagac cgtaataatg cttgcccatc tctccgacag
     8461 accggcgcag aggtgatagg cttcagcgga ggccatcact ttgataatga tttcaaaaaa
     8521 ctgtctacgc gcgtcgtctc aggcctcgtg gcacgcctaa gtcatcagta atctttagtt
     8581 cctgcaccgc tttagtattg actgggatag cgacgcctgt gatgcagaca tcggatattg
     8641 tgtcgttaag taaaaggcct tcgtctgatc gcgagactcg ctagtggttt tcaggtgagt
     8701 gagatgtttt gccgcaagtt gcgctgagat cgcatctgcc tgcggctgcc gcacctccag
     8761 attggcagca acaagatcat ccttcaaggg aagatgccta taacgcatgt gttgacgact
     8821 ttcgcctcgt gaatgatccg gtctgttccc gacagtggga tgccgtcgcg atagagcagg
     8881 ctctcgcgcc aggaggaatt tctccgatat gacttctctc cttctacgtg cccaaagcag
     8941 caacgaaatc atctatcgcg gccaaaagag cggtcatgtg aaagcaccct tgccagtcaa
     9001 ttccctggcc aaggtcagca cggcgatact gcgaggtgtt gctacaccac ggaggcgatc
     9061 tagaaggacg atttcatcat ttaggccgca cactcataaa tcaggtttgc aaatcggtct
     9121 gattttgatt cattgaggct tgacttggag gccactgata acccgtcccc gctttgatgt
     9181 caccgatttc gaatggactg ttgttcagtc ctttgttccc aaataagccg cgtcgcgtgc
     9241 cgcgcgttga cgcgggtgat caatgtcatc ttgtggcgct tccggacggg cccgccctgg
     9301 gcagacgttc ctgatcgata cggttcctgt acaacctgct acaatcgctt tgtacgatgg
     9361 cgtgaggcag acgtctggga tcatattctg agtgtgattt ccaaggcttt cgatagaatg
     9421 tcgtcatgat tgacagttcc tgtgtccgcg tccaccaaca tgcggcgacg ggaaacagcg
     9481 ggatcaagac gatggctgta tgggacgttc ccgtggcggt ttgaccacca agattcacgc
     9541 tgttgtcgat gccgacggtt gaccgatccg tcttgcgctg acagcgggtc aagcccatga
     9601 ccgccgcatg accgaaacat ttttacaaat aatcgcttag agtgcgtttc tgctggcgga
     9661 caaggcatat gataccaacg cgataagagc atttgcaaag cgcaagcagg catgggccaa
     9721 tattcctgcc aagagcaatc ggaaggaagc ttcccgttca tcgaatgggt ttacagacag
     9781 cgtaacctcg ccgagcattt tcgttctgag cctgacctga ccaactgcgg cctgaatagg
     9841 tcgatccggt tgcttagtca tggatgcgcg gttctcggtc catgttgcgt tccaagacgc
     9901 cgggcgaggt ttctcgcttc aattgaaatc ataaagaagc aattgaaaat tttcgagtaa
     9961 ccgaccctcc cgataatctt caacataaaa caacgcactt cttccaacgg gagaggcggt
    10021 gttagttgcg agctaaggag ataaggtatg cttaagagat cggggtcgct ttctcttgcc
    10081 ttgatggtct ccttctgttc gtcgagcctt gccacgccac tctcatctgc tgagtttgac
    10141 catgttgctc gcaagtgtgc cccatcagtt gcgacatcta cgcttgcggc gatagctaag
    10201 gtggagagtc gctttgatcc tttagcgatt catgacaaca cgaccggcga aacgcttcac
    10261 tggcaagatc acagccaagc aacccaagtc gtcaggcgcc gtctcgatgc acggcattcg
    10321 ctggatgttg gcctcatgca aataaactct cgaaattttt ctatgctcgg tctgacacct
    10381 gacggtgcgc tccaggcgtg cacatcatta tctgccgctg caaacatgct gaaaagtcgt
    10441 tatgcaggcg gcgaaacgat tgacgagaag caatttgcgc ttcgtcgggc gatctccgct
    10501 tacaacaccg gtaatttcat cggcggtttt gcaaacggct acgtgcgaaa agttgaaaca
    10561 gctgctcaat cgctggtgcc cgcgttaatc gagcctccaa aagacgatca cgaggcgcta
    10621 aaatccgaag agacgtggga tgtttggggg tcatatcagc gccgctcgca ggaggatggc
    10681 gctggcggtt taatcgctcc gccaccgcca caccaggaca acggcaaatc cgcagacgac
    10741 aatcaagtct tattcgactt atactaagga ggtgcgcatt gatgcgatgc tttgagagat
    10801 accgtttaca tctaaatcgc ctctcgctct cgaatgcgat gatgcgcgtg atatcgagct
    10861 gcgccccaag cttgtgcggt gcaattgcat ggagcatttc ctcatccgga cccgccgcag
    10921 cgcaatctgc gggtggcggc actgaccccg ccacaatggt taacaatata tgcacgttta
    10981 tccttggtcc gttcggccag tcactcgctg ttctcggcat tgtcgctatc gggatctcct
    11041 ggatgttcgg gcgggcttcg cttgggctgg ttgccggcgt cgtcggcggc attgttatca
    11101 tgtttggggc gagcttcctc ggccaaacgc tcactggcgg tagttgatgg ctgatcgttt
    11161 ggaagaatcg accctttacc tcgcagccac acggcccgca ttgtttcttg gggtgccact
    11221 gacattggca gggttattca tgatgttcgc cggctttgtc atcgttatcg ttcagaaccc
    11281 gctctacgaa gtcgttctcg tgccgttatg gtttgcagcc cggctcatcg tggagcgaga
    11341 ctacaatgcg gcgagcgtcg tcctgctatt tttgcggacc gcgggaagaa gcattgatag
    11401 tgcagtttgg gggggcgcta ctgttagccc aaatccaatt agggttcccc cacgagggag
    11461 aggaatggtg tgatgctcgg cgcgagtgga acgaccgaaa gatccggtga gatctatctc
    11521 ccttatattg gccacctcag cgaccatatc gtccttcttg aagacggatc gatcatgacc
    11581 attgcgagaa ttgatggcgt tgcattcgag cttgaggaaa ctgaaatgcg caatgcgcgt
    11641 tgtcgtgcgt tcaacacgct gttgcgcaat atcgctgatg atcatgtgtc aatatatgct
    11701 cacctcgtac gtcatgccga cgtgccatca tcggcgccgc gacacttccg tagtgttttc
    11761 gccgctagcc tgaacgaagc ttttgaacag cgcgtgctct ccggccaact cctccgcaat
    11821 gaacacttcc ttacgttgat tgtctaccca caggcggctt tagggaaggt aaagaggagg
    11881 ttcaccaagc taagcggaaa aagggaaaac gatctcacgg gccagatcag gaacatggaa
    11941 gatctttggc atgttgtcgc tggctctctt aaagcgtatg gcctgcatcg tcttggcatc
    12001 cgcgagaagc agggtgtgct cttcaccgaa attggcgaag cgctacggtt gatcatgact
    12061 ggtcggttca caccggttcc ggtcgtcagc ggctcactcg gcgcttcgat ttataccgac
    12121 agagtcattt gcggcaagcg aggactcgag atcagaacgc caaaagacag ttacgttgga
    12181 tccatctatt cgtttcgcga ataccctgca aaaacacggc cgggcatgct caacgcgctg
    12241 ctatccctcg attttccact tgttctcacg cagagttttt cgttcctgac tcgcccgcaa
    12301 gcgcacgcga aacttagcct caaatcgagc cagatgctga gttccggcga taaagccgtg
    12361 actcaaatcg gcaaattatc cgaggctgag gacgcacttg cgagcaacga attcgttatg
    12421 ggctcacatc atttgagcct ttgcgtctat gcagacgatc tcaatagtct tggggacagg
    12481 ggcgcgcggg ctcggacacg aatggcggat gcaggtgccg tggttgtcca agaaggtatt
    12541 ggtatggaag cggcctattg gtcccaattg ccggggaatt ttaagtggcg cacacgccct
    12601 ggcgcaatca cttcacgcaa tttcgcaggg tttgtctctt tcgaaaactt tccagagggc
    12661 gccagctcag gccactgggg caacgcgatt gcccgatttc gtaccaatgg cggaacgcct
    12721 ttcgactata tcccgcatga gcacgatgtt ggcatgacgg caatattcgg gcctatcggg
    12781 aggggtaaga cgacgctcat gatgtttgtt ctagccatgc tcgaacagag catggtcgac
    12841 cgtgcaggta cggtcgtgtt ctttgacaag gaccggggtg gcgaattgct ggttcgcgcc
    12901 acaggaggaa catatttggc acttcacaga ggcacaccca gcgggttggc gccgttgcgt
    12961 ggcctagaaa acacagcagc ctcacacgat tttctgcgcg aatggatcgt ggctctcatc
    13021 gagagtgatg gtcggggtgg gatttctccg gaagagaacc gccgtctggt ccgtggtatc
    13081 catcgtcagc tctcgtttga tccacaaatg cgttcaatcg cggggttacg tgaatttttg
    13141 ttgcatgggc ccgccgaagg cgcaggagcg cggctccaac gctggtgccg gggccatgcg
    13201 cttggctggg catttgacgg cgaagttgac gaagtaaagt tagatccgtc gattaccggc
    13261 ttcgacatga cgcatcttct cgaatacgag gaagtatgcg ctcccgctgc agcatatctc
    13321 ctgcatcgga ttggagccat gatcgacggc cgccgttttg tgatgagctg cgatgagttt
    13381 cgcgcctatt tgttaaaccc taaattttcg actgtcgtcg acaaattcct cctgaccgtt
    13441 cgaaaaaaca acgggatgct aatactggca acgcagcaac cagagcatgt tctggaatcg
    13501 ccgctaggag ccagcttggt tgcgcaatgt atgacgaaga ttttctatcc atcaccaacc
    13561 gcagatcgat cggcttatgt cgatggactg aaatgtaccg aaaaggaatt tcaggcgatc
    13621 cgtgaagaca tgacggtcgg cagccgtaag tttcttctta aacgagaaag tggaagcgtc
    13681 atctgcgaat ttgatctgcg ggatatgcgt gaatatgtcg ccgtgctttc ggggcgtgcc
    13741 aacacggtgc gctttgcaac tcgactacgc gaggcacaag aaggcaactc atctggctgg
    13801 ctcagcgaat tcatggcccg tcaccacgag gcagaagatt gataaggtag gaaacgatga
    13861 agacgacgca acttattgca acagttttga cctgcagctt tctatatatt cagcccgcgc
    13921 gggcgcagtt tgttgttagc gacccggcaa cggaggctga gacgctcgcg actgcgctcg
    13981 cgactgcgga gaatctcact cagactatag cgatggttac gatgttgacg tcggcctacg
    14041 gcgttactgg actactgact tcgctcaacc agaaaaatca gtatccttcg acgaaggacc
    14101 tagacaatga aatgttttcg ccgcgaatgc caatgtcgac cacggcacgt gcgatcacca
    14161 gcgatacaga tcgtgcagtc gtgggtagtg atgctgaagc ggacctgttg cgatcgcaga
    14221 tcaccggttc cgcaaacagc gctggcattg cggctgacaa tctggaaacg atggacaaac
    14281 gcttgacggc gaatgctgat acgtctgctc agctttcccg atctcgcaat atcatgcagg
    14341 caaccgtgac caatggtttg cttctcaagc agatccatga cgcaatgatt caaaatgtac
    14401 aggcgacaag cctattaacg atgactaccg cgcaggccgg ccttcacgag gcggaagagg
    14461 cggccgctca acgcaaggag catcaaaaga ccgctgtcat ctttggtgcc ctcccctaag
    14521 gctgggcgat ttgttcatcc gcccgcatcc tcgccgaatg cgagctcatt ttatccaaca
    14581 ttatgcgaca aaccagtcaa gttcaggtcc aatcgatgaa tttcacgatt ccggcgccgt
    14641 ttacggccat tcatacgatc ttcgatgtag ccttcacgac aggcttggac tcgatgcttg
    14701 agactatcca ggaggcggtg agtgcgccat tgatcgcctg tgtcactctt tggattattg
    14761 ttcagggtat tttagtcata cgcggcgaag tcgatacccg tagcggtatc actcgggtga
    14821 tcacggtcac catcgttgtt gctctaattg ttgggcaggc taactaccaa gactatgtgg
    14881 tttccatctt cgaaaagacg gtcccaaact ttgttcagca gtttagtgta accggcttgc
    14941 ctctgcagac tgttccggca cagttggata caatgttcgc cgtgacccag gccgtttttc
    15001 agaaaatcgc atccgaaatc ggtccgatga acgaccagga catccttgct ttccaagggg
    15061 cacagtgggt cctttacggc acgctctggt ctgccttcgg agtttacgac gccgttggaa
    15121 ttctcacgaa agtgcttctc gcgatcgggc ctctgatcct cgtcggatat atttttgatc
    15181 gcacgcggga catcgcagct aagtggatcg ggcaacttat cacctacggt ctcttgcttc
    15241 tcctcttaaa cctcgtggca acgatcgtca tcctaaccga agcgactgcg ctcaccctta
    15301 tgcttggtgt aatcaccttc gccggtacga ccgcggccaa gatcattggt ctttacgaac
    15361 tcgatatgtt ttttctgaca ggggatgcgc tcattgtcgc tttgccggcg atcgccggca
    15421 acattggagg cagttactgg agcggcgcaa cccaatctgc cagcagcttg taccgtcgct
    15481 tcgctcaggt tgagcgaggc taggtcgcgc aaaaattcgc ctcaatggag aattctatga
    15541 agtattgcct gctgtgccta gttgtcgctt tgagcggctg ccagacaaac gacacattag
    15601 cgagctgcaa aggcccgatc ttcccgctga atgtggggcg atggcagcct actccgtcag
    15661 atcttcagct cggcaattcg ggtggacgct atgacggggc ctgaatatgc catgctagtg
    15721 gcgcgcgaaa gccttgccga gcactataag gaagtagaag cctttcaaac cgcgcgagcg
    15781 aaatcggcgc gacgtctctc caaactcatt gcagctgtcg cagctatcgc gattttggga
    15841 aatgttgctc aagcgttcgc tatagccaca atggtgccgt tgagcaggct tgtgcccgta
    15901 tatctatgga tacggccgga cggcaccgtt gacagcgagg tgtctgtctc gcgattgcct
    15961 gcaactcaag aggaggccgt cgttaacgcc tcattgtggg agtacgttcg cctgcgcgag
    16021 agttatgatg ccgacaccgc tcagtacgcc tacgacctgg tatcgaactt cagtgcccca
    16081 acagtgcgcc aggattacca gcaattcttc aactatccca atcccagttc gcctcaagtc
    16141 attcttggca aacgcggcag ggtggaggtc gagcacatcg cttcaaatga tgtaactcca
    16201 agcacgcagc aaattcgcta taaaaggacc ctcgtcgttg acggcaaaat gcctgtggtg
    16261 agtacgtgga ccgcgacagt tcgctacgaa aaggtgacca gcttgcccgg cagattgaga
    16321 ctaaccaacc cggcaggtct ggttgtcacc tcctatcaga catcggaaga taccgtttca
    16381 aacgtaggcc acagcgaacc atgatcagaa aagcactttt cattttagca tgtttatttg
    16441 ccgctgcgac tggtgcggag gctgaagaca ctccaatggc gggcaagcta gatccgcgca
    16501 tgcgttattt ggcttacaat cccgatcaag tggtgcgcct ctcgacggcg gttggagcta
    16561 ctttggtcgt aacattcgcc acgaacgaaa cggtgacagc ggttgccgtt tcaaatagca
    16621 aagatctagc agccctaccg cggggaaatt atctattttt caaggcaagc caggtcctca
    16681 cgcctcagcc agtaatcgtg ctaaccgcaa gcgactccgg gatgcgccgt tatgttttca
    16741 gtataagttc caagactctg tcccacctcg ataaagagca gcccgatctc tattacagcg
    16801 tccaattcgc ctaccccgcc gacgatgcgg cggctcggcg aagggaggca caacagaagg
    16861 ctgttgtgga cagactacac gcggaagcac aatatcaacg gaaagctgag aatttattgg
    16921 atcagcctgt cacagccctt ggtgcggcgg acagtaattg gcactacgtc gcccaaggcg
    16981 atcgttcgct gttgccactc gaagtcttcg acaatggatt tacgacggta ttccactttc
    17041 cgggcaatgt acgcataccc tccatctaca ccatcaatcc tgatggcaag gaagctgttg
    17101 ccaactattc agttaaaggg agcgatgtcg agatttcttc ggtttcccga ggttggcgtc
    17161 tgagggatgg ccacacagta ctatgtatct ggaacaccgc ttacgatccc gttggccaaa
    17221 ggccgcaaac gggcacggtg aggcccgatg tgaaacgcgt cctgaagggg gcgaagggat
    17281 gaataacgat agtcagcaag cggcacatga ggttgatgca tctggatccc tggtctccga
    17341 caaacatcgc cggcgtcttt cggggtctca gaaattgatc gtcggaggtg tcgttctcgc
    17401 gttatcatta agcctcattt ggctaggtgg gcgccaaaag aaggtgaatg agaacgcatc
    17461 gccgtcaact ttgatcgcaa caaacaccaa gccatttcat ccagctccga ttgaggtgcc
    17521 gccggatcct ccagcggttc aagaggctgt tcagcctgct gctcctctac cgccgagggg
    17581 cgaaccggag cggcatgagc cacggccgga agaaacaccg atttttgcat atagcagcgg
    17641 cgatcaaggg gtcagcaaac gcgccattca gggcgacacg ggccgaagac aagaaggcaa
    17701 gcgtgacgac aactccttgc cgaatggcga agtgtccggc gagaacgatt tgtcgatacg
    17761 tatgaaaccc accgagctgc agcccagcag cgccacgctc ttgccgcacc ccgattttat
    17821 ggtaacgcaa gggacaataa ttccgtgcat cttgcaaacc gcaatcgaca caaatttggc
    17881 aggctatgta aagtgtgtct tgcctcagga tattcgtgga acaacgaaca atatcgtgct
    17941 tcttgatcgt ggcaccaccg ttgttggcga aatacagcgt ggcttgcaac agggagatgg
    18001 gcgcgttttt gtgttgtggg atcgcgccga gacacctgac catgcgatga tctcgttaac
    18061 atcgccaagc gcggacgaac tcggtcgctc aggattgccg ggctcggtcg acagccactt
    18121 ctggcagcgt tttagcggag ctatgctctt gagtgttgtt caaggcgcct tccaggcagc
    18181 tagcacctac gccggcagct cgggtggcgg gatgagcttc aacagctttc aaaataacgg
    18241 tgagcagaca actgagacag cccttaaggc aaccatcaac ataccgccaa ccctgaagaa
    18301 gaatcagggt gacaccgttt ccattttcgt agcacgggac ctcgatttct ttggtgttta
    18361 ccagctccgc ctgactggcg gcgccacgcg ggggaggaac cgccgctctt aatgaattca
    18421 aatttccgct tagagatagg atacattgta aatggaagtg gatccgcaac tacgctttct
    18481 tctgaagccg attttggaat ggctcgatga cccgaagact gaagaaattg cgatcaatcg
    18541 acctggagag gcatttgtgc gccaagccgg catttttacc aagatgcctt tgcccgtctc
    18601 ttatgatgat cttgaagata tcgctatttt agcgggcgcg ctgagaaagc aggatgtcgg
    18661 accacgtaac cccctctgcg ccactgaact tcctggtggt gaacgactac aaatctgtct
    18721 gccgccgacc gttccctcgg gcaccgtcag cttgaccatt cgacggccaa gctcgcgtgt
    18781 ttctggtctt aaagaagtct cctcccgtta tgatgcttcg aggtggaacc agtggcagac
    18841 acgaaggaaa cgccaaaatc aggatgatga agctatcctt cagcattttg acaacgggga
    18901 tttggaagcg tttctgcacg catgcgtcgt cagccgactg acgatgttgc tatgtggccc
    18961 taccggaagc ggcaagacaa caatgagcaa gaccttgatc agcgccatcc ccccccagga
    19021 aaggctaatc accatagaag atacgctcga actcgtcatt ccacacgata atcatgttag
    19081 actactctac tccaagaacg gtgctgggct gggtgctgtg agcgccgagc acttgctcca
    19141 agcaagtctg cgtatgcggc cggaccggat attgcttggc gagatgcgcg acgatgcagc
    19201 atgggcttat ctgagtgaag tcgtctcggg acatccggga tcgatttcaa caatacacgg
    19261 cgcgaatcca atccaaggat tcaagaaact gttttccctt gtcaaaagta gcgcccaagg
    19321 tgctagcttg gaagatcgca cactgattga catgctctct acggcgatcg atgtcatcat
    19381 tccattccgt gcctatgagg acgtttatga agtaggcgag atctggctcg cggcggacgc
    19441 acgacgccgg ggcgagacca taggcgatct ccttaatcaa tagtagctgt aacctcgaag
    19501 cgtttcactt gtaacaacga ttgagaactt ttgtcataaa attgaaatac ttggttcgca
    19561 ttttcgtcat ccgcggtcag ccgcaattct gacgaactgc ccatttagct ggagatgatt
    19621 gtacatcctt cacgtgaaaa tttctcaagc gctgtgaaca agggttcaga ttttagattg
    19681 aaaggtgagc cgttgaaaca cgttcttctt atcgatgacg atgtcgctat gcggcatctt
    19741 attatcgaat accttacgat ccacgccttc aaagtgaccg cggtagccga cagcacccag
    19801 ttcactagag tactctcttc cgcgacggtc gatgtcgtgg ttgttgatct aaatttaggt
    19861 cgtgaagatg ggcttgagat cgttcgaaat ctggcggcaa agtctgatat tccaatcata
    19921 attatcagtg gcgaccgcct tgaggagacg gataaagttg ttgcactcga gctaggagca
    19981 agtgatttta tcgctaagcc gtttagtacg agagagtttc ttgcacgcat tcgggttgcc
    20041 ttgcgcgtgc gccccaacgt tgtccgctcc aaagaccgac ggtctttttg ttttactgac
    20101 tggacactta atctcaggca acgtcgcttg atgtccgaag ctggcggtga ggtgaaactt
    20161 acggcaggtg agttcaatct tctcctcgcg tttttagaga aaccccgcga cgttctatcg
    20221 cgcgagcaac ttctcattgc cagtcgagta cgcgacgagg aggtttacga caggagtata
    20281 gatgttctca ttttgcggct gcgccgcaaa cttgaggcgg atccgtcaag ccctcaactg
    20341 ataaaaacag caagaggtgc cggttatttc tttgacgcgg acgtgcaggt ttcgcacggg
    20401 gggacgatgg cagcctgagc caattgcatt tggctcttaa ttatctggct caaaaggtga
    20461 ctgaggacgc ggccagcggc ctcaaaccta cactcaatat ttggtgaggg gttccgatag
    20521 gtccctcttc accaattgct cgatggcttc tctccagcaa agaatgacgc gagcgcggcg
    20581 gtagccagct tgtggccgaa agctcgagcg gtctccaacc ccaacggatc aaaatgactt
    20641 cgagcgacct cgagcaacgc aaccgggaac atgcgtgagg tctgaacgag aacggatttt
    20701 tctgtagttg aagggatcgg ataacttttc ggggccacgc gaaatgatcc atctgccagc
    20761 atgctttcga aatcgtccaa cgcgcgcctt aaaatcattt gtagcgactt cgagggactg
    20821 tattgccgaa cgaggttgtc atatgttttc gacacttgag gcgcgggcgg tcgcgctgaa
    20881 agaaaaacct ggagcttttt cggggacgga ggtggactaa gggcatccac agttagctta
    20941 agttgtcgat cgggactgta aatgtgatcg gcgacgagag gctcacgttg ctggtctttc
    21001 tcgtcggctt tttcaggcaa gtgctggagg tccagcttct ggggaacaag tgtcgggttg
    21061 ggatggtgga tctcgggtcg agcaccagca agccgccgtg cttcgccgac cgacaatgcg
    21121 ggcttgcgaa ttgccatctt caagcctcca agattttgct gatcagtttc gaaatgacca
    21181 cgacttcctc catcgcaatc cgaagattcc tctctatgag gcgcatcgtc ggatcagttc
    21241 ccgtgtttag taatgtaaga tgcaacatgc cgcgttcttt catcgcggca aatgcatctc
    21301 tttcatgcat gggagacggt acaactggaa ggctctctag cgtctctgac atcctgcgtt
    21361 gcgatgttgt caatcggccg accgggacgc gttggcgcaa aacagctgta ggaattgcca
    21421 aattttcact caacagcagc tcgatgacgt agcggtaggt agatagtgcc tcatcgatgt
    21481 cgagcggcgt tagcatggtg gggatcagaa gcaggtttga gctagcgatg attgtgttgt
    21541 tgagctcgct cgagccgcca cgcgtatcgg ccaacgcata atcaaatcct tcgagctcgg
    21601 cattttcata ggctgcttca agaaggggca tttcgtcggc ggaatagact tcacagcgag
    21661 gatcccaggt actgctttgt aaggcgtttt ctctccatcg cgtcagaggc cggttttcgt
    21721 cggcatcaaa gagggccact cgtttaccgt catttgccaa agcagcgcaa aggcccatga
    21781 gtgcggtggt tttgccagca ccccctttga aagaacaaaa cgtcaaaagt tgcatattct
    21841 gatcccgcct atcctgtgaa accggagtgc atttgtattt ttgttcgtat aaatgttttt
    21901 gtgattatcg atgagtaaaa gcgttgttac actattttta tttcacattc gttataagac
    21961 aattgcaaat gtagcaagta tattcagtat tgactgtaaa tgtactgttg atttcatatt
    22021 gagcagggct agacttccat ccgtctaccc gggcacattt cgtgctggag tatccagacc
    22081 ttccgctttc tttggaggaa gctatgtcaa aacacaccag agccacgtcg agtgagacta
    22141 ccatcaacca gcatcgatcc ctgaaagttg aagggttcaa ggtcgtgagt gcccgtctgc
    22201 gatcggccga gtatgaaacc ttttcctatc aagcgcgcct gctgggactt tcggatagta
    22261 tggcaattcg cgttgcggtg cgccgcatcg ggggctttct cgaaatagat gcagacacac
    22321 gagaaaagat ggaagccata cttcagtcca tcggaatact ctcaagcaat gtatccatgc
    22381 ttctatctgc ctacgccgaa gaccctcgat cggatctgga ggctgtgcga gatgaacgta
    22441 ttgcttttgg cgaggctttc gccgccctcg atggactact gcgctccatt ttgtccgtat
    22501 cccggcgacg gatcgacggt cgctcgttac tgaaaggtgc cttgtagcac ttgaccacgc
    22561 acctgacggg agaaaattgg atgcccgatc gcgctcaagt aatcattcgc attgtgccag
    22621 gaggtggaac caagaccctt cagcagataa tcaatcagct ggagtacctg tcccgaaagg
    22681 gaaagctgga actgcagcgt tcagcccggc atctcgatat tcccgttccg ccggatcaaa
    22741 tccgtgagct tgcccaaagc tgggttacgg aggccgggat ttatgacgaa agtcagtcag
    22801 acgatgacag gcaacaagac ttaacaacac acattattgt aagcttcccc gcaggtaccg
    22861 accaaaccgc agcttatgaa gcaagccggg aatgggcagc cgagatgttt gggtcaggat
    22921 acgggggtgg ccgctataac tatctgacag cctaccacgt cgaccgcgat catccacatt
    22981 tacatgtcgt ggtcaatcgt cgggaacttc tggggcaggg gtggctgaaa atatccaggc
    23041 gccatcccca gctgaattat gacggcttac ggaaaaagat ggcagagatt tcacttcgtc
    23101 acggcatagt cctggatgcg acttcgcgag cagaaagggg aatagcagag cgaccaatca
    23161 catatgctga atatcgacgc cttgagcgga tgcaggctca aaagattcaa ttcgaagata
    23221 cagattttga tgagacctcg cctgaggaag atcgtcggga cctcagtcaa tcgttcgatc
    23281 catttcgatc ggacgcatct gccggcgaac cggaccgtgc aacccgacat gacaaacaac
    23341 cgcttgaacc gcacgcccgt ttccaggagc ccgccggctc cagcatcaaa gccgacgcac
    23401 ggatccgcgt accattggag agcgagcggg gtgcccaacc atccgcgtcc aaaatccctg
    23461 taactgggca tttcgggatt gagacttcgt atgtcgctga agccagcgtg cccaaacaaa
    23521 gcggcaattc cgatacttct cgcccggtga ctgacgttgc catgcacaca gtcgagcgcc
    23581 agcagcgatc aaaacgacgt catgacgagg aggcaggtcc gagcggagca aaccgtaaaa
    23641 gattgaaggc cgcgcaagtt gattccgagg caaatgtcgg tgagcccgac ggtcgcgatg
    23701 acagcaacaa ggcggctgat ccggtgtctg cttccatccg taccgagcaa ccggaagctt
    23761 ctccaacgtg tccgcgtgac cgtcacgatg gagaattggg agaacgcaaa cgtgcaagag
    23821 gtaatcgtcg cgacgatggg cgcgggggga cctagagaca ggaaggaccg aataatggca
    23881 aatggtcagt tcacgatacg ctctgctcgc ccggcctccg tcggactgac aggcgaacgg
    23941 cgtggagccg catccgcctc tagctctgca ctgtccaatg ttcaaagaga tgttagggat
    24001 aggctgattc caactagctc accaagatta ccaaatgcag ccatattgcg tgattcctcg
    24061 ggaagagcgt cgactggtct gcggtacatg gcggctactc ttcattggtc tgcgatcgcg
    24121 ccattatcgc taataaacag caacgacctg gctccggccg cttatgactt tgagacgcga
    24181 aataacgcaa gaaatgtgac tgccaaagtc ggcagggcag tccctgttcc caagcaaggc
    24241 gggctcggca aaacgctcgc acccgtaccc cttagtacac gtatatcaag ggtcaattcc
    24301 gaccgaagac tgcccgctga cgcagaagac cgccctgaaa cgcgcgaccc ccagaaagga
    24361 cgtggcagtc atggtgcgac gccaacctta catgaaaaga ttggaaccgc gtttgctcga
    24421 agattgcgaa agcatacgta ctatattgtt tgcagttgct gccagacccg gagcgcgttg
    24481 acgatgggtg caaagatttc ggtgaagtca tgaactccag caagacttcg ccccagcgta
    24541 tgaccctgag catcgtatgt tcgctggcag ccggtttttg tgcggccagc tgctatgtaa
    24601 cgttccgccg gggcttcaac ggcgaagcga tgatgacgtt cgacgttttc gctttttggt
    24661 atgagacccc gctttacttg ggttatgcca gcaccgtctt ctggcgtggt ttatctgttg
    24721 tcatctttac ctcgctgatc gttctttcaa gtcagctcat catatcgctg cgcaatcaga
    24781 agcatcatgg gacagctcgt tgggcagaaa ttggcgaaat gcggcatgct ggttatctgc
    24841 agcgttacag tcgcatcaag gggccgatct ttggaaagac atgtggtccc ctttggttcg
    24901 gcagttattt gaccaatggc gaacagccac acagtcttgt cgtcgcgcca acgcgtgctg
    24961 gcaaaggcgt cggcatcgtc attccaacgc tgttgacctt caagggctcg gtaatcgccc
    25021 ttgacgtcaa gggagaattg tttgaactga cgtccagagc acgcaaagcg agcggcgacg
    25081 cagttttcaa gttctccccc ctagatcctg agcggaagac tcattgttac aatccggtcc
    25141 tggatattgc cgcacttccg cccgaacgcc agttcactga aacacgccgt ctagctgcga
    25201 accttattac ggctaaggga aagggagcag aaggctttat tgacggcgca cgtgacctgt
    25261 tcgtcgcggg aatccttacc tgcattgagc gtggcacacc aacgattggc gcggtatatg
    25321 acctatttgc gcagcctggc gaaaagtata agctttttgc gcaactcgcg gaggaaagcc
    25381 taaacaaaga ggctcagcgt atcttcgata atatggcggg caacgacacg aaaattctga
    25441 catcgtacac ctctgtgctg ggcgacggtg gactgaacct gtgggctgat ccgcttatca
    25501 aagcagcgac aagccggtca gacttttccg tttacgatct ccggaggaag aagacctgca
    25561 tttatctttg tgtcagtccc aacgatctgg aggtcttggc accacttatg cgcctgatgt
    25621 ttcagcagct cgtgtcaatc ttgcagagat cgctgccagg tgaagacgag tgccatgaag
    25681 ttttatttct cctcgacgaa ttcaaacacc tgggcaagct tgaggccata gagaccgcga
    25741 tcacaaccat cgccggttac agaggccgct ttatgtttat tattcaaagt ctttcggcct
    25801 tgtcgggcac atacgatgac gcaggaaaac aaaactttct gagcaatact ggcgtacaag
    25861 tatttatggc cacggctgat gacgaaactc caacctacat ctcaaaagct atcggcgaat
    25921 atacgtttaa agcgcgttcg acctcttaca gtcaagccag aatgttcgac cacaacatcc
    25981 agatttctga tcaaggtgca gcccttttgc gccccgaaca agtgcgcctg ctagacgatc
    26041 agagtgaaat cgttctcatc aaagggcgac ctccactcaa attacgaaag gtgcagtatt
    26101 attccgatcg tacgctgaaa ggccttttcg aacgccagat gggctctctg cctgagcccg
    26161 cacccttgat gctttccgac tatagcaacg atcaagttca ataccacttg gctccgatag
    26221 caaattttaa tgaggatgct gcaccgcaaa acagaactgt ggccgaggac catggaagtg
    26281 ttaaagtcgg tgctgatatc cctgaacgcg tgatgggaat aaatggtgac gaggaacaag
    26341 ccgatgcggg cgagataccg ccggaatcgg ttgtgcctcc agaattgacg ctcgctctga
    26401 ccgctcaaca gcaattgttg gaccagatta ttgcacttca gcaaagatcg aggtccgcac
    26461 cggcatagcc tgcgaaatga tcttaatggt gcaattcgtt tcaggcggca tgttgcggtt
    26521 caacaaagtg tacgccagat cccaattggc cctttacgag gtgtcggtat gacaggaaag
    26581 tcgaaagttc acataagagg ttcggctgac gcgcttcctg acgttcctgg cggaagtact
    26641 accgcccctt ttttaaccga accttctcgg gatcaggttg atgcctcgtt tgaggtccaa
    26701 accgactaca gccagtctac ttccgtgtcg tttacctatg atggtgttgg acttggtcct
    26761 gccgagcgtg cggcttacga gaactggtgc gaaccgggcc ggcccacttg gaaagatctt
    26821 ataatcaagg cacgtgtcga tccgattgac gatgtgacct ggctccgaga tttagaagag
    26881 gacaccccct caaccttcag atacgaaggg atgcctctgg gcatcgggga acgacaggcc
    26941 tacgaaaatt ggcaagagga cgctcagccg acatgggaag accttgttgt cagcgcacgc
    27001 ttgacggaac ttggccgtcc acacgggatt accggcgagt atacatccct cgcaggatcg
    27061 aagaatacaa gttcaatttc attgaagcga aagcggagca acttaattga tgatgagaat
    27121 tcatccggat cgttttcata tgacgggatg aagctcgggg aagccgagcg ttctgcatat
    27181 ggtgactggg ccgaggcgga gccacccacg tggaaagatt tggtattgag ggcacgcgtt
    27241 tcctcgatca atgactctgc ttggcttttt gattcacaaa catcttcatc atcatttgaa
    27301 tacaacggtg ttcccttggg cgagccggaa cggcaggctc tcagacaatg gcaaggagac
    27361 gctcagccta cctgggaaga tctcgttgtt aacgcgcgta tggcagaact ttgccatgct
    27421 ggttggattg aaggtcaaaa aggttgcttt gaagagcgcg gggaggctct gcccgcgtcg
    27481 gaacgcggtt cgcaacgccc cattggtcaa cggacagatt cctccgattc ttttgtgtat
    27541 gatggcacaa ggctcggagc acctgagcga actgcttatg aacgctggag taagagggaa
    27601 cgcccgactt gggaagatct catcttagat gcacaccagg ccaggactga aagtgacgct
    27661 gttacgaccc aagcgattgg tcagtcgtcc tcaccggttt tcttatatga aggaaagtcg
    27721 ctcggagaca gggaacgaaa ggcttacgaa aaatggcggc agccagccca accgcgatgg
    27781 caaaatcttg tagtgaacgc tcgtctggca gaaatcgatc cctcagcctg gattgccgat
    27841 gagcgcgatc cgcttgatga tagcgacgcg cttggtcgcc cgtcgtacac aagcttgacg
    27901 gatagatcag acgtcccttt agacgatcaa tcaatctatc gtcgttccga cctagtaagg
    27961 gagcaggtgc cagaatcgtc tcaaaggcaa ttcgcagcat gttcagaatc tgaaacgagg
    28021 cctgtgcaat ggtttactgc ttctgggtca gatgcaaaca atacggaaaa tatcaccgcc
    28081 agcgatcccg tcgatcgcac gggtggagtt aagcggctag gctccaaaag cgacagaacc
    28141 gttacagctt ctatccatga cgtgaattcc agcacaaggc gactgttgct taacgaattt
    28201 ggatcggagg ctccgcgccc ttcgccagaa aagactgttc gcttaagaag cgacaatatt
    28261 ggcacctatg ggagccggaa aaatgaacga gcgcggctcg cgaccgaaac cggtgcgtat
    28321 gagtcggagc atattttcgg gttcaaggct gtccacgata ctgcgagagc gacgaaagag
    28381 ggccggcgtc tcgaaaggcc catgcccgcc taccttgagg ataaggggct tcatcgccaa
    28441 catattggca ccgggagagg acggaccaaa cttgtcgggc gcggatggcc ggatgacaca
    28501 agctatcgct cggatcaaag ggcaactctg tcggaccccg ttgcgcgctc ggaaggcgcg
    28561 acggcctcaa atgggtatca attgaaccaa ttgggttacg cgcaccaact cgctagcgat
    28621 ggcctgcaaa gtgaatcgcc cgatggtgtt gccttgccaa ttcaagtggc aacaacgagc
    28681 tacaactata cagtgagccg cgatcctgtc cttgttccgc cggataaaaa cgaagcccct
    28741 caattgctgc atcttggtcc ccgtggtcaa accgaagctg ttcttgcccg cgaaacagca
    28801 ttgactggaa aatggccgac tctcgagcgt gagcagcaag tgtatcgcga gtttttggcc
    28861 ttatatgacg taaaaaaaga tcttgaggcc aaatcagtcg gcgtaagacg gaaaaaaaaa
    28921 gaagttattt ctgcgttaga ccgaactgcg cgcttgataa gcacgtcgcc ttcgaaagct
    28981 cgatccaaag cagagactga aaaagccatt gatgagctcg atgatcgacg agtttatgat
    29041 ccgcgtgatc gagctcaaga caaagcgttt aaacgctgat aagtcgccaa tatagtgatc
    29101 atttgcagta ttcgcatcga tcgctggttg atattctgcc gctggtcgac cggctgctcg
    29161 tcgccaaaaa tgctcacagg gatacgatgg cctcggtcag gccgcgtgcg tcctgtcttt
    29221 ccagttcctc cctttcagct cgattgtggc atcatttatt gcctgctcat tgcagttgaa
    29281 acgcgatatc cgtttcaaga cccgggtatg gatggtactt tggagatatg agcacttgcc
    29341 agacttcccg gtcggagact taaaaattcc gataagaggt tacggacgac ggaccttata
    29401 agtggatcgt ctagtggtgg cgccgatcaa aacagttccg cccccggctt tgctcaaagt
    29461 agcaaagcag ctttatctcg ggttgcggag gattttctag aaaaccgcaa ttttgcagga
    29521 gagaacatat ggccatcatc aagccgcatg tgaacaaaaa taggacaacc tcgccgatag
    29581 agagaccgga gtctctcata gaggaaatga gcggcagtca tccgccgagt ggttttacca
    29641 acctggatct cgctatgatc gagctggagg actttgtcca tcggtgcccg ctcccagaag
    29701 acaatcttgc tggtcagaag gagtgagacg atggatccgt ctagcaatga gaatgtctat
    29761 gtgggtcgcg gtcacaacat cgaaaatgat gatgacactg accccaggcg ttggaagaag
    29821 gcgaatatca gttccaacac catctccgat attcagatga cgaatggcga agacgtacaa
    29881 tcagggagcc ctacccgaac ggaagttgta agcccacgtc tggattatgg atcggtcgac
    29941 tcctcctcca gcctttattc tggcagcgag cacggaaatc aagctgagat tcaaaaagag
    30001 ctgtccgtct tgttctcgaa catgtctttg ccaggcaacg atcggcgccc ggacgaatac
    30061 attctcgtgc atcaaacggg acaagatgct tttactggta ttgccaaagg caacctcgac
    30121 caaatgccca ccaaggcgga atttaacgcg tgctgccgtc tctacaggga cggagccggt
    30181 aattactacc cgccacctct cgcattcgac aagattagcg ttccagagca actggaggaa
    30241 aaatggggga tgatggaggc gaaggaacgt aacaaactgc ggtttcagta caagttggac
    30301 gtatggaatc atgcgcacgc tgatatgggg atcacgggca cagagatctt ttatcaaaca
    30361 gataagaaca taaagctcga ccggaattat aaactaagac ctgaagaccg atacgtacaa
    30421 acagaaaaat acgggcgccg ggaaattcaa aagcgatatc aacacgaact ccaggctggt
    30481 tcgctgctgc ccgatattat gatcaaaact ccccaaaatg acatccactt cgtgtacagg
    30541 tttgccggcg acaattacgc caacaaacag ttcagcgagt ttgaacacac cgtcaagcgc
    30601 aggtatggcg acgagactga gatcaaattg aagtcaaagt caggcattat gcatgactcg
    30661 aaatatctgg aatcctggga acggggcagt gcggatattc gcttcgcgga attcgttggg
    30721 gaaaatagag ctcacaatcg gcagtttcca actgcgacag taaatatggg acagcagcca
    30781 gacgggcagg gcggtttgac ccgcgaccgt catgtgagcg ttgacttcct aatgcaaagc
    30841 gcacccaatt cgccttgggc gcaagctttg aaaaagggag aactgtggga tcgcgttcag
    30901 ttgcttgctc gcgacggcaa ccgctatctg tcgccgccca gattggaata ttctgaccct
    30961 gcacatttca ccgagttgat gaaccgggtt ggtttacccg catcgatggg tcggcaaagc
    31021 catgcggcta gtatcaaatt cgaaaagttt gacgcgcagg cagcggttat tgtcttaaat
    31081 ggcccagagt tacgtgacat tcatgacttg tctcctgaaa aactgcaaaa tttgtccacc
    31141 aaagatgtca tcgtcgccga tcgcaatgag aatggtcaga gaactggcac gtacaccagc
    31201 gtcgcggaat atgagcgctt gcagttaagg ctgccacccg atgcagcggg ggtgcttggt
    31261 gaagcaactg acaaatattc acgtgatttc gttcggccag agccggcgtc gcgtccaatc
    31321 agtgacagcc gcaggatata cgaaagtcga ccgcgtagcc aaagcgtcaa cagcttttga
    31381 cgttcctgct gccgcgtcaa cgaggaagct cgtttgaccc gggtttgcca atgaaagggc
    31441 tcaatcatgg tgaacactac aaagaaaagt tttgcgaagt cgcttacggc agatatgcgc
    31501 cgttctgctc agcgcgttgt cgagcaaatg cgaaaagcat tgattaccga agaagaggcg
    31561 ctcaagcggc aagccagact ggagagtccc gataggaagc gaaagtatgc tgctgatatg
    31621 gcgatagtcg acaaactcga cgtagggttt cgaggcgaaa taggctataa aattcttgga
    31681 aataaccggc ttcgagtaga caaccataaa gaattaacgc gtgagcacgg tagacttcgc
    31741 aaaaccaaaa cggttctgaa gcgtaacccg gtgacgcagg aagtctattt gggtttatat
    31801 gaaaggaagt cctggttaag tgtcagcagc catttgtatg ctgcggacgg cacactccgc
    31861 atgaagcacg tgaaatacaa agacggacgt tttgaggaaa aatgggagcg cgacgaaaat
    31921 ggcgacctga tccgcacaag gtacgccaac cgtggcaggc tctttcaacc tgtatccgag
    31981 aaaatgggcg cgccgtatcg gagcggccct gacgaccggc tctatcgcga tctaacccgt
    32041 cgaaacggtt tcagacggga gacattcgaa cgggacgatc acggaaacct cgagcgtatc
    32101 ggcagcaacc atgtcggctt ttccaagatt tcagtgaagg cacccaatcg tcaaacctcc
    32161 cagacgaaga ttcaaaaact tggtggcgct ttcaacaaat cttttaggtc ccttctggac
    32221 aaggagggca atgaaatggg ccgcgatatt ttgagccatc gacggctcta taacaagcgg
    32281 tctgctgtct acgatgaagc taccggacaa ttgaagagtg ccaagcatac cttcggcaag
    32341 atctacagga gcgaaaccga atatctcagc gcgggcctca agaaggtttc aaaaaagata
    32401 ctcggggtga cggtctaccg gaaatttgcg gcgctcagcg agcgagaatc cgaggctgag
    32461 agactgcgta gttttgaatc cggtgcgcat cgccagatct ggcaggagcg ggcagcgatt
    32521 cccggttcgc ccctcccgga gactgatgac attcatttcg cacagcagtc gcacctagcc
    32581 aaagccaacc ctgatcacgt cgaagctgac gtcacgcgtg tgacagatca acatgttgat
    32641 gttgctggac aaacatcatc gtctccccaa cggaacttgg aaggatggtt agattctcaa
    32701 tcacgataca agccagcaaa catgctgttg tcaaatccag accttcaagc gaacggacct
    32761 cgcccatacg aagggttagc tcatctcacc ctccggcgcg ataatgaatc tgacgggcac
    32821 aaggagaatg atcagcggct gcgacatttc tcccagccag agccgttggt gttaccgcat
    32881 cccgggtcgc cggaaataac taaggtgttt ggctcgcggg gagagccggc acacccgagt
    32941 ggaaatctgc acacggcggt tggagaaacg gcttgcgaag gaccggtgat gtcttcatcc
    33001 tcggacaatc atcagccagc tccaggacag caagaacttt taagtttcct tcataatgcg
    33061 ccagccccag tttctgtggc aatacatgat gatcaagagc gacttgcggg ggaggcgccc
    33121 ggcggctctt tcagaggtag ctcagggcga acgagttcaa tgtcggagag tatcttcgac
    33181 gaagatgtac aagggcattt ggtacgggat tattcgatca atactactaa cgggtttatt
    33241 gacccgcaat cgttgttcgg tgaaccggac ttatcgagag gtccaaaatc ggggccagaa
    33301 attccatcgg aagattacca tttgtcagct tcggaacagg aaaatttgct gaatcaattg
    33361 cttagtgtgc cactgccggt tccttcaccg aagcccgaat gcgcgaggtc tatgattttc
    33421 gaaggttcac gttcaagaga gcgttccacc tccagagggt tctaaggtgg aacgcgtcta
    33481 ggcttgccta tcatcaccac ctcatgatgg tcgcggagac cttcgaagag atatccgaca
    33541 tcattggaga agctgggccg gaaactgggc ttcttcttga caccggacac gccgcggcag
    33601 ccggattcga ctacgcgaag ctcatcgagc ggttcggcga ccgcatcgtt catattcatc
    33661 tgaaggacgt tcgcaaggca agccgcgccg aggtccagtc aaaggatctc ccatcggttg
    33721 acgaaaagac atgattttcg ttaagcgcgt cgcagggcaa ggccgcaatc gcccgcagca
    33781 aagggccggc aattgaggtt ggccccgcta ccccctatca gattgtcgcc gacatcatca
    33841 gacgagattg gcaaaagctg cagctggtat gctgctatgc ggcaaatcaa gacggtggtc
    33901 gatcgtctcg agcggttgag tgcggcggcc agagcgagcc agaccaactt tttgtcgaac
    33961 tgttcgcaga agatgggccg cccgcaggga actgcatcgc accagaaccg acgcgaccat
    34021 caagtctgct cgcggaccgc tgaggtgcag gtcagcgggc cgacgcagat atcggctttg
    34081 aacgttggct cccgcagacg gggctcgcgg ggtcgtcgca aagacttctc tgtacgtatt
    34141 cgtgatgaga tgatttgtct ctgtatgcag attgcgatgc gggatcaaac tgcaatcccc
    34201 cggaagcaca atgggcctgc atcaggatga tcgcggctcg atcggaaaca caagcagtgt
    34261 cgaggttgcg gacgcacaga gccggccatc cgagtcgact agccgcgctt cggagaaggc
    34321 aacccgtcga ccaagtgaca caatctttcc ttcagcccgg accttcccgc tgctctcact
    34381 caaggcgcga tgatacgcca ctttcaattc aagcgtcgta tagccctggc ctgccggaag
    34441 gaccgaatgc acggcgcagc cacaggcgct gtcgagtagt gtcgcggcat agccgccatg
    34501 caccgagccg atcggattga agaccttgcg tgacggcgat ccttcgaaca ccacccgtcc
    34561 gcgctcgagt tcgacaagag caaactccag cgtctcaccg atcggcggct gaataccggc
    34621 ctgcatgagg gccgccaatt ggtcgtgacc gtcgaggcca tggttgcttt caaggatgtt
    34681 catgccgcac gccttttctg cgcggggtcg gcgcgttggg cgtctttttt tcgtcgatcc
    34741 acacccgcgt ctcggacagg acctcgtccg gcagtgtgga atcatcaatc gaccgggcga
    34801 ggatgagcgc accaaccatc gcagaccagc tgccgatggc agctctacgg cgtttgacag
    34861 gatcaacacc cggtatcatc tcggtcagag tgtcaatctg cgcggctaga acctgcgcca
    34921 tcgaagcgcg tgcctctgga gcctgttgcc gcatgaaacc cgcgagagcg gccatggggc
    34981 aacccatatc cgcatgctca cgatggggtt tcgagagata ggtgtcgatc caggcgctga
    35041 gatcgccgat ccctgattga ctgcctgcgg catgcgcgat ggtttgggcg accagatcgt
    35101 ccttcgatcg gaaatgcccg taaaagccgc cgtgggtcat gccggcggcg ttcatcactt
    35161 cggcgacgct taccgcatcg aaacccttct cgcggaacag gcgtcccgcc tcggtcagga
    35221 tgcggccgct cgagcatgca tctagagggc ccaattcgcc ctatagtgag tcgtattaca
    35281 attcactggc cgtcgtttta caacgtcgtg actgggaaaa ccctggcgtt acccaactta
    35341 atcgccttgc agcacatccc cctttcgcca gctggcgtaa tagcgaagag gcccgcaccg
    35401 atcgcccttc ccaacagttg cgcagcctga atggcgaatg gacgcgccct gtagcggcgc
    35461 attaagcgcg gcgggtgtgg tggttacgcg cagcgtgacc gctacacttg ccagcgccct
    35521 agcgcccgct cctttcgctt tcttcccttc ctttctcgcc acgttcgccg gctttccccg
    35581 tcaagctcta aatcgggggc tccctttagg gttccgattt agagctttac ggcacctcga
    35641 ccgcaaaaaa cttgatttgg gtgatggttc acgtagtggg ccatcgccct gatagacggt
    35701 ttttcgccct ttgacgttgg agtccacgtt ctttaatagt ggactcttgt tccaaactgg
    35761 aacaacactc aaccctatcg cggtctattc ttttgattta taagggattt tgccgatttc
    35821 ggcctattgg ttaaaaaatg agctgattta acaaattcag ggcgcaaggg ctgctaaagg
    35881 aaccggaaca cgtagaaagc cagtccgcag aaacggtgct gaccccggat gaatgtcagc
    35941 tactgggcta tctggacaag ggaaaacgca agcgcaaaga gaaagcaggt agcttgcagt
    36001 gggcttacat ggcgatagct agactgggcg gttttatgga cagcaagcga accggaattg
    36061 ccagctgggg cgccctctgg taaggttggg aagccctgca aagtaaactg gatggctttc
    36121 ttgccgccaa ggatctgatg gcgcagggga tcaagatctg atcaagagac aggatgagga
    36181 tcgtttcgca tgattgaaca agatggattg cacgcaggtt ctccggccgc ttgggtggag
    36241 aggctattcg gctatgactg ggcacaacag acaatcggct gctctgatgc cgccgtgttc
    36301 cggctgtcag cgcaggggcg cccggttctt tttgtcaaga ccgacctgtc cggtgccctg
    36361 aatgaactgc aggacgaggc agcgcggcta tcgtggctgg ccacgacggg cgttccttgc
    36421 gcagctgtgc tcgacgttgt cactgaagcg ggaagggact ggctgctatt gggcgaagtg
    36481 ccggggcagg atctcctgtc atcccacctt gctcctgccg agaaagtatc catcatggct
    36541 gatgcaatgc ggcggctgca tacgcttgat ccggctacct gcccattcga ccaccaagcg
    36601 aaacatcgca tcgagcgagc acgtactcgg atggaagccg gtcttgtcga tcaggatgat
    36661 ctggacgaag agcatcaggg gctcgcgcca gccgaactgt tcgccaggct caaggcgcgc
    36721 atgcccgacg gcgaggatct cgtcgtgacc catggcgatg cctgcttgcc gaatatcatg
    36781 gtggaaaatg gccgcttttc tggattcatc gactgtggcc ggctgggtgt ggcggaccgc
    36841 tatcaggaca tagcgttggc tacccgtgat attgctgaag agcttggcgg cgaatgggct
    36901 gaccgcttcc tcgtgcttta cggtatcgcc gctcccgatt cgcagcgcat cgccttctat
    36961 cgccttcttg acgagttctt ctgaattgaa aaaggaagag tatgagtatt caacatttcc
    37021 gtgtcgccct tattcccttt tttgcggcat tttgccttcc tgtttttgct cacccagaaa
    37081 cgctggtgaa agtaaaagat gctgaagatc agttgggtgc acgagtgggt tacatcgaac
    37141 tggatctcaa cagcggtaag atccttgaga gttttcgccc cgaagaacgt tttccaatga
    37201 tgagcacttt taaagttctg ctatgtcata cactattatc ccgtattgac gccgggcaag
    37261 agcaactcgg tcgccgggcg cggtattctc agaatgactt ggttgagtac tcaccagtca
    37321 cagaaaagca tcttacggat ggcatgacag taagagaatt atgcagtgct gccataacca
    37381 tgagtgataa cactgcggcc aacttacttc tgacaacgat cggaggaccg aaggagctaa
    37441 ccgctttttt gcacaacatg ggggatcatg taactcgcct tgatcgttgg gaaccggagc
    37501 tgaatgaagc cataccaaac gacgagagtg acaccacgat gcctgtagca atgccaacaa
    37561 cgttgcgcaa actattaact ggcgaactac ttactctagc ttcccggcaa caattaggat
    37621 gacagagcgt tgctgcctgt gatcaattcg ggcacgaacc cagtggacat aagcctcgtt
    37681 cggttcgtaa gctgtaatgc aagtagcgta actgccgtca cgcaactggt ccagaacctt
    37741 gaccgaacgc agcggtggta acggcgcagt ggcggttttc atggcttctt gttatgacat
    37801 gtttttttgg ggtacagtct atgcctcggg catccaagca gcaagcgcgt tacgccgtgg
    37861 gtcgatgttt gatgttatgg agcagcaacg atgttacgca gcagggcagt cgccctaaaa
    37921 caaagttaaa catcatgggg gaagcggtga tcgccgaagt atcgactcaa ctatcagagg
    37981 tagttggcgt catcgagcgc catctcgaac cgacgttgct ggccgtacat ttgtacggct
    38041 ccgcagtgga tggcggcctg aagccacaca gtgatattga tttgctggtt acggtgaccg
    38101 taaggcttga tgaaacaacg cggcgagctt tgatcaacga ccttttggaa acttcggctt
    38161 cccctggaga gagcgagatt ctccgcgctg tagaagtcac cattgttgtg cacgacgaca
    38221 tcattccgtg gcgttatcca gctaagcgcg aactgcaatt tggagaatgg cagcgcaatg
    38281 acattcttgc aggtatcttc gagccagcca cgatcgacat tgatctggct atcttgctga
    38341 caaaagcaag agaacatagc gttgccttgg taggtccagc ggcggaggaa ctctttgatc
    38401 cggttcctga acaggatcta tttgaggcgc taaatgaaac cttaacgcta tggaactcgc
    38461 cgcccgactg ggctggcgat gagcgaaatg tagtgcttac gttgtcccgc atttggtaca
    38521 gcgcagtaac cggcaaaatc gcgccgaagg atgtcgctgc cgactgggca atggagcgcc
    38581 tgccggccca gtatcagccc gtcatacttg aagctagaca ggcttatctt ggacaagaag
    38641 aagatcgctt ggcctcgcgc gcagatcagt tggaagaatt tgtccactac gtgaaaggcg
    38701 agatcaccaa ggtagtcggc aaataatgtc tagctagaaa ttcgttcaag ccgacgccgc
    38761 ttcgccggcg ttaactcaag cgattagatg cactaagcac ataattgctc acagccaaac
    38821 tatcaggtca agtctgcttt tattattttt aagcgtgcat aataagccct acacaaattg
    38881 ggagatatat catgcatgac caaaatccct taacgtgagt tttcgttcca ctgagcgtca
    38941 gaccccgtag aaaagatcaa aggatcttct tgagatcctt tttttctgcg cgtaatctgc
    39001 tgcttgcaaa caaaaaaacc accgctacca gcggtggttt gtttgccgga tcaagagcta
    39061 ccaactcttt ttccgaaggt aactggcttc agcagagcgc agataccaaa tactgtcctt
    39121 ctagtgtagc cgtagttagg ccaccacttc aagaactctg tagcaccgcc tacatacctc
    39181 gctctgctaa tcctgttacc agtggctgct gccagtggcg ataagtcgtg tcttaccggg
    39241 ttggactcaa gacgatagtt accggataag gcgcagcggt cgggctgaac ggggggttcg
    39301 tgcacacagc ccagcttgga gcgaacgacc tacaccgaac tgagatacct acagcgtgag
    39361 ctatgagaaa gcgccacgct tcccgaaggg agaaaggcgg acaggtatcc ggtaagcggc
    39421 agggtcggaa caggagagcg cacgagggag cttccagggg gaaacgcctg gtatctttat
    39481 agtcctgtcg ggtttcgcca cctctgactt gagcgtcgat ttttgtgatg ctcgtcaggg
    39541 gggcggagcc tatggaaaaa cgccagcaac gcggcctttt tacggttcct ggccttttgc
    39601 tggccttttg ctcacatgtt ctttcctgcg ttatcccctg attctgtgga taaccgtatt
    39661 accgcctttg agtgagctga taccgctcgc cgcagccgaa cgaccgagcg cagcgagtca
    39721 gtgagcgagg aagcggaaga gcgcctgatg cggtattttc tccttacgca tctgtgcggt
    39781 atttcacacc gcatatggtg cactctcagt acaatctgct ctgatgccgc atagttaagc
    39841 cagtatacac tccgctatcg ctacgtgact gggtcatggc tgcgccccga cacccgccaa
    39901 cacccgctga cgcgccctga cgggcttgtc tgctcccggc atccgcttac agacaagctg
    39961 tgaccgtctc cgggagctgc atgtgtcaga ggttttcacc gtcatcaccg aaacgcgcga
    40021 ggcagggtgc cttgatgtgg gcgccggcgg tcgagtggcg acggcgcggc ttgtccgcgc
    40081 cctggtagat tgcctggccg taggccagcc atttttgagc ggccagcggc cgcgataggc
    40141 cgacgcgaag cggcggggcg tagggagcgc agcgaccgaa gggtaggcgc tttttgcagc
    40201 tcttcggctg tgcgctggcc agacagttat gcacaggcca ggcgggtttt aagagtttta
    40261 ataagtttta aagagtttta ggcggaaaaa tcgccttttt tctcttttat atcagtcact
    40321 tacatgtgtg accggttccc aatgtacggc tttgggttcc caatgtacgg gttccggttc
    40381 ccaatgtacg gctttgggtt cccaatgtac gtgctatcca caggaaagag accttttcga
    40441 cctttttccc ctgctagggc aatttgccct agcatctgct ccgtacatta ggaaccggcg
    40501 gatgcttcgc cctcgatcag gttgcggtag cgcatgacta ggatcgggcc agcctgcccc
    40561 gcctcctcct tcaaatcgta ctccggcagg tcatttgacc cgatcagctt gcgcacggtg
    40621 aaacagaact tcttgaactc tccggcgctg ccactgcgtt cgtagatcgt cttgaacaac
    40681 catctggctt ctgccttgcc tgcggcgcgg cgtgccaggc ggtagagaaa acggccgatg
    40741 ccgggatcga tcaaaaagta atcggggtga accgtcagca cgtccgggtt cttgccttct
    40801 gtgatctcgc ggtacatcca atcagctagc tcgatctcga tgtactccgg ccgcccggtt
    40861 tcgctcttta cgatcttgta gcggctaatc aaggcttcac cctcggatac cgtcaccagg
    40921 cggccgttct tggccttctt cgtacgctgc atggcaacgt gcgtggtgtt taaccgaatg
    40981 caggtttcta ccaggtcgtc tttctgcttt ccgccatcgg ctcgccggca gaacttgagt
    41041 acgtccgcaa cgtgtggacg gaacacgcgg ccgggcttgt ctcccttccc ttcccggtat
    41101 cggttcatgg attcggttag atgggaaacc gccatcagta ccaggtcgta atcccacaca
    41161 ctggccatgc cggccggccc tgcggaaacc tctacgtgcc cgtctggaag ctcgtagcgg
    41221 atcacctcgc cagctcgtcg gtcacgcttc gacagacgga aaacggccac gtccatgatg
    41281 ctgcgactat cgcgggtgcc cacgtcatag agcatcggaa cgaaaaaatc tggttgctcg
    41341 tcgcccttgg gcggcttcct aatcgacggc gcaccggctg ccggcggttg ccgggattct
    41401 ttgcggattc gatcagcggc cgcttgccac gattcaccgg ggcgtgcttc tgcctcgatg
    41461 cgttgccgct gggcggcctg cgcggccttc aacttctcca ccaggtcatc acccagcgcc
    41521 gcgccgattt gtaccgggcc ggatggtttg cgaccgctca cgccgattcc tcgggcttgg
    41581 gggttccagt gccattgcag ggccggcaga caacccagcc gcttacgcct ggccaaccgc
    41641 ccgttcctcc acacatgggg cattccacgg cgtcggtgcc tggttgttct tgattttcca
    41701 tgccgcctcc tttagccgct aaaattcatc tactcattta ttcatttgct catttactct
    41761 ggtagctgcg cgatgtattc agatagcagc tcggtaatgg tcttgccttg gcgtaccgcg
    41821 tacatcttca gcttggtgtg atcctccgcc ggcaactgaa agttgacccg cttcatggct
    41881 ggcgtgtctg ccaggctggc caacgttgca gccttgctgc tgcgtgcgct cggacggccg
    41941 gcacttagcg tgtttgtgct tttgctcatt ttctctttac ctcattaact caaatgagtt
    42001 ttgatttaat ttcagcggcc agcgcctgga cctcgcgggc agcgtcgccc tcgggttctg
    42061 attcaagaac ggttgtgccg gcggcggcag tgcctgggta gctcacgcgc tgcgtgatac
    42121 gggactcaag aatgggcagc tcgtacccgg ccagcgcctc ggcaacctca ccgccgatgc
    42181 gcgtgccttt gatcgcccgc gacacgacaa aggccgcttg tagccttcca tccgtgacct
    42241 caatgcgctg cttaaccagc tccaccaggt cggcggtggc ccatatgtcg taagggcttg
    42301 gctgcaccgg aatcagcacg aagtcggctg ccttgatcgc ggacacagcc aagtccgccg
    42361 cctggggcgc tccgtcgatc actacgaagt cgcgccggcc gatggccttc acgtcgcggt
    42421 caatcgtcgg gcggtcgatg ccgacaacgg ttagcggttg atcttcccgc acggccgccc
    42481 aatcgcgggc actgccctgg ggatcggaat cgactaacag aacatcggcc ccggcgagtt
    42541 gcagggcgcg ggctagatgg gttgcgatgg tcgtcttgcc tgacccgcct ttctggttaa
    42601 gtacagcgat aaccttcatg cgttcccctt gcgtatttgt ttatttactc atcgcatcat
    42661 atacgcagcg accgcatgac gcaagctgtt ttactcaaat acacatcacc tttttagacg
    42721 gcggcgctcg gtttcttcag cggccaagct ggccggccag gccgccagct tggcatcaga
    42781 caaaccggcc aggatttcat gcagccgcac ggttgagacg tgcgcgggcg gctcgaacac
    42841 gtacccggcc gcgatcatct ccgcctcgat ctcttcggta atgaaaaacg gttcgtcctg
    42901 gccgtcctgg tgcggtttca tgcttgttcc tcttggcgtt cattctcggc ggccgccagg
    42961 gcgtcggcct cggtcaatgc gtcctcacgg aaggcaccgc gccgcctggc ctcggtgggc
    43021 gtcacttcct cgctgcgctc aagtgcgcgg tacagggtcg agcgatgcac gccaagcagt
    43081 gcagccgcct ctttcacggt gcggccttcc tggtcgatca gctcgcgggc gtgcgcgatc
    43141 tgtgccgggg tgagggtagg gcgggggcca aacttcacgc ctcgggcctt ggcggcctcg
    43201 cgcccgctcc gggtgcggtc gatgattagg gaacgctcga actcggcaat gccggcgaac
    43261 acggtcaaca ccatgcggcc ggccggcgtg gtggtgtcgg cccacggctc tgccaggcta
    43321 cgcaggcccg cgccggcctc ctggatgcgc tcggcaatgt ccagtaggtc gcgggtgctg
    43381 cgggccaggc ggtctagcct ggtcactgtc acaacgtcgc cagggcgtag gtggtcaagc
    43441 atcctggcca gctccgggcg gtcgcgcctg gtgccggtga tcttctcgga aaacagcttg
    43501 gtgcagccgg ccgcgtgcag ttcggcccgt tggttggtca agtcctggtc gtcggtgctg
    43561 acgcgggcat agcccagcag gccagcggcg gcgctcttgt tcatggcgta atgtctccgg
    43621 ttctagtcgc aagtattcta ctttatgcga ctaaaacacg cgacaagaaa acgccaggaa
    43681 aagggcaggg cggcagcctg tcgcgtaact taggacttgt gcgacatgtc gttttcagaa
    43741 gacggctgca ctgaacgtca gaagccgact gcactatagc agcggagggg ttggatcaaa
    43801 gtactttgat cccgagggga accctgtggt tggcatgcac atacaaatgg acgaacggat
    43861 aaaccttttc acgccctttt aaatatccgt tattctaata aacgctcttt tctcttaggt
    43921 ttacccgcca atatatcctg tcaaacactg atagtttaat tcccgatcta gtaacataga
    43981 tgacaccgcg cgcgataatt tatcctagtt tgcgcgctat attttgtttt ctatcgcgta
    44041 ttaaatgtat aattgcggga ctctaatcat aaaaacccat ctcataaata acgtcatgca
    44101 ttacatgtta attattacat gcttaacgta attcaacaga aattatatga taatcatcgc
    44161 aagaccggca acaggattca atcttaagaa actttattgc caaatgtttg aacgatcggg
    44221 gaaattcgag ctggtcacca attcacacgt gatggtgatg gtgatggcta gcgttcttgt
    44281 agccgaaatc tggaatgttg gtccagcgct cgcgaaagac gtgcgcggcg agcttcggct
    44341 tgcggtcacg agtgaacacg cccttcttgt ttccttggac gcgcatcacg ccctgagagg
    44401 tcgcgaagtc cgcgaagttc cacgcttgct cacccacgaa gttctcaaac tcatcgaaca
    44461 cgacgtggtt cgcctggtag tactcgactt gatattcctc ggtgaacatc actggatcaa
    44521 tgtcgtgaaa gcccgcaacg gtgtctgcgc cgtactcagt gatcatgatc ggctttcctg
    44581 ggcaacgctt gttccacgcg tgaaattcct ggcggagatg gactttggcc gcttcgagat
    44641 caccgccatc gaagtaccat ccgttatagc gattgagcgc gatgacgtca atcagttcgg
    44701 cgactttgtc cgtctccggg gtagccatca caaacagcac gatcgtgacc ggacgcttct
    44761 gtgggtcgag ttccttggtc agctccacca acggcttgaa gtactcgtac gcgccctctt
    44821 cctcagtcgc cgcctcgttg gcgatgctcc acatcacgac gcttggatgg ttcttgtcac
    44881 gagacaccag ttcacggaga acgtcttgat ggtgctcaaa cgtccgaatc ttctcccagg
    44941 tactgacgcg ctcgctgcct tcgccgagtc ccgtggtggc catgaagttg aggtgcacgc
    45001 caactgccgg agtctcgtcg atcacgacca gaccctcgcg atccgcaaga cgcatcaact
    45061 cttcagagta cggatagtgt gcggtccgga agctgttggc gccgatccat ttgaggatat
    45121 tgaaatccat cacattgctc gcttcgttaa agccacggcc gttgatagga gtgtcctcat
    45181 gtttgccaaa gcccttgaag tagaacggtt tgttgttgat gaggaacttg ccgtcgttga
    45241 cttccacggt ccgcacgccg aacggctctt catagacatc gatggtcagt ccgtcgttca
    45301 ccagttccac tttgatctgg tagagatacg tgttcagtgg ttcccagagg atgacattcg
    45361 gaatctccac gttaccgctc aggccctcgg tgcttgcgac cactttgcct tcctcatcca
    45421 cgaccgacac tttcacggtc tcggctttgc cttgaaagtc caccgtatag gtcacagtcc
    45481 cggttgggcc attgaagtcg gtcacaaccg agatgtcctc gacgtacgta aacggggtcg
    45541 tgtagatttt caccggacgg tgcaggcctg catagttgaa gaagtcgaag ttcggcttgt
    45601 tacgaatgac ttttccgagg ccctcttcgt ggcgctcgct gtacagcccc accgggaggg
    45661 tgctatcgtc gaggatgttg tccacggcga cggtgacgcg attcatgcca tcacgcagcg
    45721 agttgttgat ttccgcttcg aatggcagga atccgccctt gtgctccacg accagctcac
    45781 cattgacata gacaattgct ttgtgagttg cagagccgaa gcggagcacg atacgctgat
    45841 ccttcagata ggccggcacc gtgaactcac gttcgtacca gacatatccg atatggttgc
    45901 ggatttcctt ggtcacgcca atgtcattgt aactgcttgg gacggccata ctaatagtgt
    45961 cggtcagctt gctttcgtac cacttctctt ccagtccttt cccgtagtcc agcttgaagt
    46021 tccagacgcc attgaggtcg aagacgccac gggtctcggt gttgatcggg tacagactag
    46081 ttcgtcggtt ctgtaactat catcatcatc atagacacac gaaataaagt aatcagatta
    46141 tcagttaaag ctatgtaata tttacaccat aaccaatcaa ttaaaaaata gatcagttta
    46201 aagaaagatc aaagctcaaa aaaataaaaa gagaaaaggg tcctaaccaa gaaaatgaag
    46261 gagaaaaact agaaatttac cctcagatct accatggtca agagtccccc gtgttctctc
    46321 caaatgaaat gaacttcctt atatagagga agggtcttgc gaaggatagt gggattgtgc
    46381 gtcatccctt acgtcagtgg agatatcaca tcaatccact tgctttgaag acgtggttgg
    46441 aacgtcttct ttttccacga tgctcctcgt gggtgggggt ccatctttgg gaccactgtc
    46501 ggcagaggca tcttcaacga tggcctttcc tttatcgcaa tgatggcatt tgtaggagcc
    46561 accttccttt tccactatct tcacaataaa gtgacagata gctgggcaat ggaatccgag
    46621 gaggtttccg gatattaccc tttgttgaaa agtctcaatt gccctttggt cttctgagac
    46681 tgtatctttg atatttttgg agtagacaag tgtgtcgtgc tccaccatgt tgacgaagat
    46741 tttcttcttg tcattgagtc gtaagagact ctgtatgaac tgttcgccag tctttacggc
    46801 gagttctgtt aggtcctcta tttgaatctt tgactccatg aagctaaact gaaggcggga
    46861 aacgacaatc tgatccaagc tcaagctgct ctagcattcg ccattcaggc tgcgcaactg
    46921 ttgggaaggg cgatcggtgc gggcctcttc gctattacgc cagctggcga aagggggatg
    46981 tgctgcaagg cgattaagtt gggtaacgcc agggttttcc cagtcacgac gttgtaaaac
    47041 gacggccagt gccaagcttc ctgcaggcct aggatttaaa tggtctagag gatccccggg
    47101 taccgagctc gaattcgtaa tcatggtcat agctgtttcc tgtgtgaaat tgttatccgc
    47161 tcacaattcc acacaacata cgagccggaa gcataaagtg taaagcctgg ggtgcctaat
    47221 gagtgagcta actcacatta attgcgttgc gctcactgcc cgctttccag tcgggaaacc
    47281 tgtcgtgcca gctgcattaa tgaatcggcc aacgcgcggg gagaggcggt ttgcgtattg
    47341 gctagagcag cttgccaaca tggtggagca cgacactctc gtctactcca agaatatcaa
    47401 agatacagtc tcagaagacc aaagggctat tgagactttt caacaaaggg taatatcggg
    47461 aaacctcctc ggattccatt gcccagctat ctgtcacttc atcaaaagga cagtagaaaa
    47521 ggaaggtggc acctacaaat gccatcattg cgataaagga aaggctatcg ttcaagatgc
    47581 ctctgccgac agtggtccca aagatggacc cccacccacg aggagcatcg tggaaaaaga
    47641 agacgttcca accacgtctt caaagcaagt ggattgatgt gataacatgg tggagcacga
    47701 cactctcgtc tactccaaga atatcaaaga tacagtctca gaagaccaaa gggctattga
    47761 gacttttcaa caaagggtaa tatcgggaaa cctcctcgga ttccattgcc cagctatctg
    47821 tcacttcatc aaaaggacag tagaaaagga aggtggcacc tacaaatgcc atcattgcga
    47881 taaaggaaag gctatcgttc aagatgcctc tgccgacagt ggtcccaaag atggaccccc
    47941 acccacgagg agcatcgtgg aaaaagaaga cgttccaacc acgtcttcaa agcaagtgga
    48001 ttgatgtgat atctccactg acgtaaggga tgacgcacaa tcccactatc cttcgcaaga
    48061 ccttcctcta tataaggaag ttcatttcat ttggagagga cacgctgaaa tcaccagtct
    48121 ctctctacaa atctatctct ctcgagcttt cgcagatccc ggggggcaat gagatatgaa
    48181 aaagcctgaa ctcaccgcga cgtctgtcga gaagtttctg atcgaaaagt tcgacagcgt
    48241 ctccgacctg atgcagctct cggagggcga agaatctcgt gctttcagct tcgatgtagg
    48301 agggcgtgga tatgtcctgc gggtaaatag ctgcgccgat ggtttctaca aagatcgtta
    48361 tgtttatcgg cactttgcat cggccgcgct cccgattccg gaagtgcttg acattgggga
    48421 gtttagcgag agcctgacct attgcatctc ccgccgtgca cagggtgtca cgttgcaaga
    48481 cctgcctgaa accgaactgc ccgctgttct acaaccggtc gcggaggcta tggatgcgat
    48541 cgctgcggcc gatcttagcc agacgagcgg gttcggccca ttcggaccgc aaggaatcgg
    48601 tcaatacact acatggcgtg atttcatatg cgcgattgct gatccccatg tgtatcactg
    48661 gcaaactgtg atggacgaca ccgtcagtgc gtccgtcgcg caggctctcg atgagctgat
    48721 gctttgggcc gaggactgcc ccgaagtccg gcacctcgtg cacgcggatt tcggctccaa
    48781 caatgtcctg acggacaatg gccgcataac agcggtcatt gactggagcg aggcgatgtt
    48841 cggggattcc caatacgagg tcgccaacat cttcttctgg aggccgtggt tggcttgtat
    48901 ggagcagcag acgcgctact tcgagcggag gcatccggag cttgcaggat cgccacgact
    48961 ccgggcgtat atgctccgca ttggtcttga ccaactctat cagagcttgg ttgacggcaa
    49021 tttcgatgat gcagcttggg cgcagggtcg atgcgacgca atcgtccgat ccggagccgg
    49081 gactgtcggg cgtacacaaa tcgcccgcag aagcgcggcc gtctggaccg atggctgtgt
    49141 agaagtactc gccgatagtg gaaaccgacg ccccagcact cgtccgaggg caaagaaata
    49201 gagtagatgc cgaccggatc tgtcgatcga caagctcgag tttctccata ataatgtgtg
    49261 agtagttccc agataaggga attagggttc ctatagggtt tcgctcatgt gttgagcata
    49321 taagaaaccc ttagtatgta tttgtatttg taaaatactt ctatcaataa aatttctaat
    49381 tcctaaaacc aaaatccagt actaaaatcc agatcccccg aattaattcg gcgttaattc
    49441 agtacattaa aaacgtccgc aatgtgttat taagttgtct aagcgtcaat ttgtttacac
    49501 cacaatatat cctgccacca gccagccaac agctccccga ccggcagctc ggcacaaaat
    49561 caccactcga tacaggcagc ccatcagtcc gggacggcgt cagcgggaga gccgttgtaa
    49621 ggcggcagac tttgctcatg ttaccgatgc tattcggaag aacggcaact aagctgccgg
    49681 gtttgaaaca cggatgatct cgcggagggt agcatgttga ttgtaacgat gacagagcgt
    49741 tgctgcctgt gatcacc








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